Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Sensitive Conscience Keeps a Christian Entrepreneur True to God and People

A Christian entrepreneur must never forget that he is a man of God first and business man second. In order to maintain his status as a man of God he must follow simple principles. One of those is to maintain the sensitivity of his conscience.

Conscience is a funny thing. No one will deny they have a conscience. Some thing from inside tells you this is wrong and this is right. Animals may not have the exact thing. This is a spiritual inheritance from the image of God that we bear.

You can completely try to shut the conscience out from your senses and mind. But as far as history goes I do not think any one has ever successfully shut the conscience out. You will know if you are going to attempt something wrong even before you try it.

When your conscience troubles you, you have two ways to deal with it. You can go ahead and do that you feel is wrong and shut the conscience from bothering you. Yes, you can blunt the conscience from bothering you after you committed the act. But you cannot shut the conscience from telling you before the act.

You can get used to shutting the conscience down, knowing what it is going to say, so we get used to shutting it, but the fact remains it is still there. It is like a knife which is blunt from use and if you never sharpen it, it will become blunter. Your conscience can become so blunt that you can hardly hear it after some time.

When a man of God reaches that stage he is of no use to people or God. God cannot and does not talk to people who shut their conscience out. Their antenna for right and wrong goes away over time. Evil begin to take control and eventually live in the heart. Goodness and righteousness slowly die and the devil has a great command over his life.

How can you avoid reaching such a stage? You need to make sure that you do three things to stay alert and sensitive to God. 1. Read your bible everyday. 2. Pray in the spirit each day and 3. Be a part of the gathering of fellow believers at least once a week.

God is faithful but we are accountable. So if you do not take proper steps to keep your conscience and your walk with God sharp and alert, you will fall by the way side and be burned. Fruitfulness is the result of faithfulness to God and your conscience.

By : Robert_R_Fenn

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