Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to Get Customers to Buy Your Product - Sales Tips to Sell More Now

Regardless of economic conditions, when you are an entrepreneur or sales professional you likely want to increase your sales. Most people are willing to invest in their businesses to sell more, but how do you get more out of your existing customers? How can you give your current prospects the confidence to invest in what you are offering?

There isn't a magic bullet that will get your customers to open up their wallets and start buying more from you. Even if you are selling to businesses there isn't a magic phrase that will get your clients issuing rushing over to accounting to make sure you get paid.

Getting customers to buy your product doesn't mean taking out a fancy billboard or launching a television ad campaign. Increasing your bottom line rarely has anything to do with advertising (marketing, yes, but not advertising).

I would invite you to consider that there are three elements to increasing sales. Even when you improve just one element you will be on the right path to getting more customers to invest in your product or service.

1. Pique Interest - Most marketing is dull, boring, and you forget about it 5 seconds after you looked at it. When you have interest piquing marketing your prospects will feel compelled to want to find out more. They may go home and look up your website to find more information.

They will search far and wide across the internet to find out how there could be such a great opportunity. Piquing a prospects interest can be done with powerful marketing messages. Put a marketing message that saves people time and money on your website, blog, postcards, magazine ads, etc and watch more customers chase you.

2. Conversion - When most business owners think of conversion they think of "closing". I would invite you to think differently. Conversion is about finding a match between what you are offering and your prospects needs. By asking questions that dig deep to find what is important to a customer your conversion rate will skyrocket. If you should fall into the habits of selling or asking questions customers will quickly run.

3. Make it a system - Getting customers to invest in your product or service consistently means making it a system. Create marketing systems that can run whether you are having a good day or bad day. This could mean putting a pay per click into action, an email follow up system, a regular magazine ad, etc. It doesn't matter what your system is, it simply means creating marketing that runs without your involvement.

When you can pique a prospects interest, focus on conversion and create marketing that runs like a system you will have more customers buying your products or services daily. Just small changes in your daily actions will have your sales numbers growing immediately.

By : Todd_T_Bates

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