Friday, June 12, 2009

You Just Can't Win! Why Most People Fail at Business

By Karin Hiebert

Game Plan:

In order to play the game, or be in the game, you need to know what the game is. Who are the players? Who is on your team? {this is a team game} always is, was and will be... its called a business. Never is a successful business a one man {or woman} show.

In all of history it is, and will be an "us" vs. "them." Simple. Not easy, but simple. My philosophy is; there are no losers. "if" THE GAME IS PLAYED WELL, and fair. both teams win, everyone wins- "when you can shake each others hand and say "good game" and mean it, genuinely and sincerely." Play by the rules and play fair. No cheating. No switching dices, or moving your man up the ladder when no one is looking. No challenging the creators of the game and the rule makers.

Rules are there for a reason, as is law, and divine nature/ order of things. Google or any top search engine from here on in, are the game creators and rule makers. (when in question refer to the rule book) Here is the break down of the game, its rules and how you win the game, and what you win! 1. You will win abundant Freedom, Respect, and Recognition for PLAYING. You and your teammates will win the prize. {whatever you set out to BE the prize...} this is by "your" definition of success or accomplishment of goals.

Think Monopoly. Park Place. [what is it that you want or what is important to you? to your business? to your team?] Knowing what your team wants, or what your team will do, or not do is a must! [avoiding jail] missing a turn, or getting to roll twice, seeing other "opportunities" when they run into them for both you and them. this is the type of team and game you want to play...

{this is the first question; you need to examine-where do you want your business to go? or grow? will you want to sell it down the line or "will it" down the line?} Team Captains, Managers and coaches are all good to have. As well as "Spares"

2. You win this game by working with your team players and by playing fair. Now think Hockey, Who plays what? Will they pass the puck? {or pass the buck?} Where, who or what are the players strong points, who gets paid what? what are assets, weakness? who makes up for what, and where? Think game. Think games. How are they played? How are they best played? This is your second question!

3. We enter into playing a game for several reasons; its FUN! it's challenging! it makes you "think" and often in games, you need to think a few plays or steps is creative, and a lot of games can go on forever, or for a very looooong time, chess, monopoly, whatever. 3rd Question= "WHY ARE YOU in the game?" "why play in the first place, and what kind of player ARE YOU?"

4. How long do you want to play for? [stamina, endurance, consistency, all matter] who will sit in for you when you leave the table, or game...? May all sound like a strange analogy to some business questions...It helps to figure out, or try to figure out, what it is that we want, and how we will get it. It eliminates the "what's in it for me"question you have, or anyone has who is on your team...of course we all pretty much want the same things...there is no question there...the only question remaining is "will you play, read the rules, and kind of learn as you go along?"

This is to stimulate thought, and your mind. Rather than the typical "what are your goals" these questions come before the "what are your goals" for your business... take time to think on this, until I get back in touch with you later today!

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