Sunday, June 21, 2009

Small Business Success Secret

By Calvin Brown

It is not really a secret, because every guru on the internet will tell you that the small business success secret is to take action.

The biggest reason people have for not taking action, is that they are afraid to fail. Unfortunately, it will be impossible for them to succeed. You cannot become successful if you are not willing to fail.

You cannot be one hundred percent perfect in your choices. It is in failing, that you are gaining valuable knowledge down the road to a bigger and better business.

Every business opportunity comes with a whole list of pro's and cons, of good things and bad things. Accept the good, and duplicate them. Accept the bad, and learn from them.

Believe me, it is the mistakes you make that you will remember, and will not make again. On the flip side, you will most likely make a series of completely brand new mistakes.

It makes no difference if you take action as a brick and mortar business, or an internet business. Taking action is the biggest small business success secret! Even after you take action, there are still many other things that contribute to your small business success.

Watch your money like a fox. Statistically, most small businesses go bankrupt within five years. The reason is that most businesses are under-funded from the start.

You have spent a lot of time dreaming of the day when you will own your own business. The money, the wealth, the lifestyle. Some business mentors spend a lot of time teaching you to get into the wealth mindset.

Unfortunately, most business mentors do not teach the "if you don't have the money in hand, don't spend it" approach. They talk about things like, getting your business cards.

In the beginning, business cards are unnecessary unless you are in sales, and will be meeting face to face with clients. They also teach you to spend money as if you already have it.

The rationale for this, is the assumption that you will have the money coming in, within a few days. Believe me when I say, yes the money will come. But nobody can say for certain how long it will take for it to get there!

Here is a case in point: On the internet, you are taught that promoting Clickbank products is the easiest way to start. This is based upon the idea that the fastest way to generate income online, is to promote products as an affiliate.

For many people, yes that is true. However, even if your first sale came one hour after you opened for business, you will not be getting your commission payment for at least 54 days.

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