Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to Make Your Own Business Cards

A key tool for your business marketing efforts is a business card. This printed material is invaluable in creating and introducing your company's image to potential clients.

Furthermore, a business card can elicit action from prospective customers, encouraging them to contact you or your company for a business deal.

If you are looking for an effective way to communicate with more clients and gain positive results, then you have to make your own business cards. Knowing how to create the said promotional prints will help you come up with cost-effective marketing tools.

1. Decide on the information that must be included on the business card. The calling card must include your name, position, company, company logo, company address, contact number, e-mail and website. It is important to include these details so that prospective clients can make contact with your company.

2. Seek for a reliable online printer and ask questions about the particular service. You can also browse an online printer's website to learn more about the products and services provided by that specific printer.

3. View the estimated price through a printing company's website. This can be done by indicating specifications for the business card prints.

4. Choose among business card samples or use your own photo in designing the cards.
If you choose a template, set the specifications including size, paper stock, color, quantity and die-cutting service.

If you want to use your own photo, upload a digital file online through a printing company's website, then let a design professional review the uploaded image. You must also set the specifications for the prints.

5. You can seek assistance from a printer's graphic designers regarding the business card design. Whether you have used a template or a personal photo, the printing experts will review and correct erroneous files before proceeding to printing.

By Kat Nocom

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