Friday, June 12, 2009

Take the Boredom Out of the Boardroom

By Chuck R Stewart

Talk to any business person and they probably will tell you that they simply dread any type of professional conference, occasion or meeting.

There seems to be nothing as boring as gathering with a bunch of other people all in the same profession. All anyone does is sit around and swap war stories as well as listen to one speaker after another lecture about marketing and sales strategies while being bombarded with slide presentations.

If managers and companies want to avoid this uninspiring environment then there is another approach for planning Dallas team building events. Get out of the conference rooms and hotel reception halls and take the employees off-site where they will be excited and motivated to attend Dallas corporate events.

One simple way to get people interested in attending professional conferences is to hold them in cities that offer a wide variety of entertainment and dining options.

Just leaving familiar surroundings and getting away from the same old daily grind can enhance cooperation and get creative ideas flowing. Attendees won't mind being cooped up in meetings all day when they are able to choose how they wish to amuse themselves at the end of the day.

Also, it is wise to select a location based upon the weather conditions. Who wouldn't look forward to a business conference in Florida in the middle of winter when they live and work in Minnesota? A sunny location keeps everyone's spirits up from the boardroom to the beach.

If traveling out of town for company meetings is not an option, there are still lots of great places to gather. There are venues that provide plenty of space to take care of the meeting requirements as well as the entertainment portion of the day.

These venues are able to accommodate convention galas, business meetings, company picnics and specialty themed affairs. Their professional planners will use their knowledge, experience and creativity to arrange any type of occasion that a company needs.

From casual to black tie, there are virtually no limits to what they can accomplish. Even some of the more popular themes such as a western rodeo, survivor island or spy games can be customized to suit your needs.

Impress the boss with a top-notch venue that offers hospitality in addition to state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, gourmet food and excellent service. These special facilities can accommodate small gatherings to groups numbering up to a thousand.

Whatever the size or level of formality, you can count on these types of venues to cater to your every need. Meeting and presentation space, food and refreshments and entertainment are all provided in one convenient location.

You can rest assured that attendees will be refreshed and energized by the end of their experience. There's a reason why the old saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is so well known-because it's so true! So, don't be dull and be sure to arrange for both a fun and successful business function.

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