Sunday, June 28, 2009

Secrets on Why They Failed to Make Money Online Fast

98% of all internet marketers online failed to make money. Millions of ads have claimed to earn up to 7 figures income in a month. But what people don't know is that 98% of them failed to make money online.

They are so hungry to make money online that they posted ads that claimed able to earn you money fast. Don't trust those kinds of things. You don't earn money just because you want to. Everybody wants to earn money; you need to have that something that other people don't have.

Now, what is the secret that makes some of the internet marketers have those big successes? Why do some of them failed to make money online? Just exactly what is the reason and key behind having a successful career online? I would say persistence.

Yes, it's that simple. Just by persistence you could make thousands and even millions online. That is the thing that people just don't have. Now let me show you what the 98% of internet marketers online just love. They love this more than money and success. They love this thing I called The Cycle of Reasons.

Here is one example, the 98% of the internet marketers that failed to make money online joined their first business online, and they spent a couple thousand in the first program they joined. At first they are so motivated that they can't sleep the first week.

They are so busy setting up things, writing their blog, writing a nice and compelling profile. 3 months have passed and they're still broke. They're still not having the success they want and again they don't make money online yet. They started making reasons.

They said, "This business is a scam; I'm not making money at all. This marketing system is not good enough for me. I got to find a real business, I got to join another program, and maybe I'll have my success there." Well, just like they said, the grass is greener on the other side.

So they joined another business online and spend another thousand on that program. Yeah, well, they got motivated again by the message from the owner saying they're going to have their success here and etc.

3 months have passed again and they're once again still broke and they don't make money online again yet. They are going through this cycle even when I'm writing this article. They just don't have the persistence needed.

Now, as a successful internet marketer it's so important to have persistence just like what Napoleon Hill said, "If you don't have persistence, if you jump from one project to another project without the persistence to keep going.

If you give up too early, you're robbing yourself off the rewards that are just down the track. If you just stay steadfast in your business with your persistence, you're going to have the success you want". Only some of them manage to be persistent in their business, if they can make money online, you also can.

I was really struggling with Internet Marketing back then; I needed to learn things that were so strange to me. I almost gave up. I was unlike others; I've a very limited budget to start with in my business.

I only have about $100 left after joining the business, and that money is not really enough to use paid advertising for my business. So I need to use free marketing, I need to try harder ten times than the others, I was so tired that I wanted to give up.

But then I learn, this is something that I had to master if I were going to have any success in any business. I can't give up just like this. I need to be more persistent. And there, just through persistence, I go the results I want. If I can, you can. Remember! Be persistent in everything you do.

By Tantawi Sagara

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