Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to Schedule Success For Your New Home Business

By Andrew Kolyvas

So you want to start an online home based business?
Many people dream about having a home based business of their own. The idea of setting your own hours, and the freedom to chose who you want to work with. However the reality is few people take enough time to ensure they have the appropriate skills and tools to transition into home based business.

The first major hurdles that many inexperienced home based business operators are faced with is the lack of discipline and failure to schedule. They don't plan their work day and this can creat two distinct problems. Overworking and under-working.

Let's look at "under-working" first. It's just too easy when starting your home based business to sit there surfing the internet. No doubt you intended to work on your website or set up your affiliate accounts, but before you realise it, you've wasted an entire day checking out the latest and gossip and reading email. Sure, you were on the internet and doing something, but what you were doing won't put a single penny in your pocket.

Overworking though is quite easy to understand. Many people have difficulty maintaining business hours. When your working from home, there is a temptation to "work until you drop". That's a really bad idea, particularly if when you begin your online home based business you still work your day job.

When all your time is spent working, you soon feel like you're never going to get any "down time". When you begin feeling that way you cab certain that burnout will soon follow. I know all too well about this and you can take my word for it.

So what's the solution. 'Discipline'! You need to plan your day. Make a list of exactly what you want to accomplish. You should have a daily operating procedure which should describe each task and how much time to spend working on each of them.

Be certain to include some downtime ie: time for family/friends, relaxation, sport and recreation, whatever you enjoy. This is pivotal. After all, you started your home based business to create a better lifestyle, not to be the wealthiest person in a grave!

Your daily plans need to be specific. It's no good to write say, "work on website." That has no meaning an is just too vague. Your plan needs a definitive goal. For instance "write an article about website traffic for the home page of the website.

" Can you see a difference? You could "work on" your website for years and not reach a point that you see any success. In contrast, when your plan is to "write an article about xyz," you know you're task is complete the instant you type that final sentence.

Sometimes, regardless of how good your plan is, you simply won't finish everything you've scheduled. That happens to everyone in home based business or in a regular job. You simply need to revise your schedule for the following day and include the incomplete item(s).

Don't getcaught up on the idea that one or two items were not completed as planned. Just take it in your stride and keep moving forward. If you find yourself regularly missing your deadlines, you must re-evaluate your scheduling. Are your time allotments realistic? Probably not. So you should adjust accordingly.

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