Friday, May 14, 2010

The Art of the RACE - Strategies of Business Success

Business success is a combination of so many things. The right attitude, the right behaviors and the right actions. I have outlined the 4 key factors here that can help you stand out and stand apart from others in your market place who have a similar offer.

Relationships is the first factor I want to share with you. No business can be successful without strong and encouraging advocates! An Advocate is someone who has your back and knows what you are working to accomplish.

They offer you value and support by sharing their feedback and their resources which also includes their network. Seek advocates out and do whatever it takes to build a strong bond and alliance with the very best people.

Action is the second factor and is what is missing for most people. Not just any action but the consistent action that will move you forward and support the accomplishment of your goals. Too many people get swept up in the minor details and mistake busy work for taking action.

Choose specifically what action habits need to be done day in and day out if you are going to be a rock star of business success. There are examples of what to do everywhere you turn if you look in the right places for ideas.

Creative input is the third factor and includes adding value and standing out in a unique way. Don't just seek to find out what others are doing and do it better, be better! What can you do to be better at what you do?

How can you add value to your product or service that isn't in line with what anyone else is doing. Everyone is creative but most people just tell themselves they are not and so it becomes true. Spend time honing your creativity and look for excuses and possibilities to use and express it.

Expert status is a state of mind and also the forth factor that I want to share with you today. Experts seem to be everywhere. People know of them and seem to run across what they are up to everywhere they turn.

If you want to be one of those experts you'll want to figure out what they do, where they can be found and how they get their message to the masses. There are a great number of platforms from which to get attention.

Choose one to start with and get out there and starting being seen. Being seen equals being liked and trusted if you do it the right way.

These 4 factors are the key to business success and can take you far down the road you are looking to travel. Make time to cultivate each of these ideas and skills and put them to use everyday in your business life.

Know what you want to accomplish and then set out to get it! Your success is a choice, your choice! Stop waiting for it to happen and go make it happen!

By : Helen_Raptoplous

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