Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to Discover Topics For Safety Talks

It is a well established fact that safety talks have a considerable effect on workplace safety. People who practice this, will tell you that it increases awareness, it provides a forum for staff members to express their opinion and to give feedback regarding hazards, unsafe behavior and remedies to potential accidents.

A lot of people in leadership positions say that they have difficulty in providing subjects which will engage their team during the team talk and maintain their interest. This article explains the multiple sources for information that can be used in a safety team talk.

One of the prime areas to consider is current events in the workplace. As a leader you will spend time listening to staff members and it won't be long before a safety issue is raised. You can make a note of the issue and the circumstances surrounding it and use this in your next safety team talk.

Make certain that you always carry a notebook with you so you can jot things down because there is nothing worse than getting the story wrong when you come to tell it at their safety team talk.

One of the most important factors to remember is that whatever you talk about must be of interest and relevant to the group you're addressing. Think about your people, their aspirations, their jobs and pick a subject which will mean something to them.

If you read the safety material such as articles published in safety magazines, you will never be without a subject to discuss and safety team talk provided you make it relevant for the group.

The other source of subjects and information is what people are talking about in terms of safety. If you listen carefully to what other people say, what they complain about, what they recommend and what they say, you'll find a rich source of subjects to discuss in your safety talk.

When you are jotting down notes for your next safety talk, focus on a safety rule, a first aid hint, a housekeeping item, an unsafe practice and anything that is related to the workplace and safe behavior. Emphasize a hazard, ask the group for solutions to improve safety.

Tell the group about a safety tip. You will never run out topics if you approach safety team talks in this fashion. If you plan your talk, you will always be able to make it interesting and engage the group. Remember, always try and get comments from the group members about the subjects and potential improvements. Safety team talks are a great tool in the workplace.

By : Peter_L_Mitchell

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