Sunday, May 16, 2010

Team Success - 5 Myths About Team Working

Teams have the potential to deliver far greater results than any one individual could working in isolation. At the same time, there are some myths about team working that you need to be alert to if you are a leader.

Myth 1: Teams always work

When we read about the great achievements of teams it is easy to believe that they are always the solution to any problem. The truth is this is not the case. Teams will deliver a better result when they need the collective effort of all team members to deliver the result. If one or two people can achieve the result working alone, then there is no need for a team.

Myth 2: Successful teams never have conflict

It would be fair to say that you are never going to make progress if the team is always in hostile mode. At the same time, teams do not need to be conflict free to deliver results. What matters is how conflict is dealt with. It is also worth remembering that there is a huge difference between healthy and unhealthy (destructive) conflict.

Myth 3: It's all about goals

Yes, a team needs a clear purpose or goal that it is to achieve but, at the same time, goals by themselves do not achieve anything. As well as clear goals, you need to create the right conditions and foundations for teams to prosper.

Myth 4: The leader must be the most senior person

The leader of the team may be one person nominally or may even rotate. Contrary to what people often believe, the most senior person does not always need to be the leader. Sometimes, especially if it requires some specialist knowledge, it can be beneficial to have a leader with that knowledge.

Myth 5: People work best in teams

Many of us thrive in teams but there are others who find teams a challenge. Trying to fit someone into a team who is not a natural team player may well be counter productive. It might, for example, be better to have that individual provide a support role rather than being a core team member.

The Bottom Line

Teams clearly have the potential to deliver or contribute towards great results but, to create more success, be alert to some of the common myths about teams.

By : Duncan_Brodie

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