Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Buy a Cheap Tanning Salon and Turn it Into a Highly Profitable Money Spinner

You may have been dreaming of opening that tanning spa you always wanted to own. I can't blame you because the industry makes about $5 Billion a year in the US alone.

If you want a piece of the action but can't afford to start a salon then, you have to be a little more creative with your business plan. With a limited budget as initial capital you can forget about being so lavish as to buy the best and most up-to-date tanning systems in the market.

Definitely turn a blind eye to those dealers who will sell their products at incredibly high prices. Realistically speaking, it is better to buy a cheap tanning salon that is for sale.

You can have that gorgeous and modern spa later on when you have enough cash to upgrade and renovate your facility.

You might wonder why there are businesses that sell so cheap. I think the reason behind this is the owner would just like to cut losses or simply get back his initial investment. Maybe he didn't make that much profit due to lousy outdated marketing or mismanagement.

That is something you can fix given the right guidance on how to run a business in today's world. A cheap tanning salon doesn't necessarily have to remain a money pit if new marketing and management styles are implemented.

Many outlets lose money because they still use old school marketing ideas that don't work anymore. These days you will need more internet based promotions and presence to reach a wider range of customers.

By : Betty_P_Davis

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