Sunday, March 21, 2010

USP - Top 7 Reasons Why Your Unique Selling Proposition is Hurting Your Business

If you have tried creating a unique selling proposition for your small business, but have not put a lot of thought in it, your USP may be doing more harm than good. Keep reading to find out the top 7 reasons why your unique selling proposition is hurting your business.

1. Your USP does not provide the biggest promise that you can make for your customers.
Here you need to show your customer what you are going to do for them better than anyone else in your industry.

2. Your statement does not permeate every aspect of your business.
If your unique selling proposition does not impact every single touch point of your marketing campaign, your customer may never get your message. You need to show them what you stand for every time they contact your business.

3. Your USP is not any different than the average stuff that is coming out of your industry.
This will make your company look like an "also-ran," where it will appear that you are just following along with everyone else. You have to be different to the eyes of the customer.

4. You talk to much about your business and too little about the customer.
Again, show them how you will help them. Customers don't care how long you have been in business if it has no bearing on the promise that you will make to them.

5. You do not show the customer why they should buy from you instead of going somewhere else.
Having a USP that says "quality is our number one priority" doesn't mean anything. Everyone expects quality no matter where they go. What else are you going to do for the customer?

6. Your USP is so bland that your customer has no idea what your business even does.
There are some software companies out there that use statements like "solutions for a changing world." That doesn't say anything. You need to go way beyond a statement that might look goon on a t-shirt, but won't say anything to your customer.

7. Your unique selling proposition does not match what your market is looking for.
If you have a creative USP that solves a problem that no one is worrying about, then it will do you no good at all. You need to find a solution to a burning problem that keeps your customer awake at night. This is where your statement will benefit you the most.

By : Joshua_Black

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