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Team Building Tips - Give Up "Only I Can

At no time is team more important than when our businesses are in crisis. Crisis can result from not having enough work and resources to actually having too much. So if having a strong and capable team is key to surviving, and even thriving, a crisis, why do so many of us retreat into the feeling of "Only I can do it" when times get rough?

The feeling of "Only I can do it" is a natural reaction when our livelihood is at stake. We believe that if we tighten the reins and not only keep a watchful eye on everything, but actually do everything our selves - our way - then we will have greater control over the end result! While we may gain some measure of control, we have to wonder at what cost?

Operating at break-neck speed with the belief that "Only I can do it" - without a team's common goals and combined efforts supporting you - is a recipe for disaster. Without a team:

Ultimately you will suffer! You can only go-go-go and work-work-work so much. You have to rest some time, and if you are the only person doing all that has to be done to sustain your business, when do you have time to rest, let alone be a husband/wife, mother/father, son/daughter, sister/brother, friend, or community activist?

Your business will suffer! If you fail to build an unstoppable team that supports you and your business, your company can only be as successful as you have time, creativity, vision, and ENERGY to give. In other words, without a team, you are the limit to that which can be achieved!

Your team will suffer too! When the people around you are treated as nothing more than androids doing a job, eventually the creativity, passion, energy, and talents they bring to the table get brushed aside, and if they are being under-utilized or feel unappreciated for what they do, your team members will find someone who does appreciate them and the work they do!

Defining Team

Being without an unstoppable team during tough times clearly puts you at a disadvantage and with this realization you may be thinking, "I can't afford to add anyone else to my team!" However, building your team is not necessarily about adding staff.

Building your team is about building a powerful, energetic relationship with those you already have around you. From your employees and co-workers to trade contractors, suppliers, and even your past customers and family, your team is already standing by to support you in not just surviving, but thriving whatever business challenges you face.

All you have to do is to give up "Only I can do it" and take on a visionary mindset that fosters learning, growing, and teaching within the team you have. From there the lattice from which a powerful, unstoppable team will grow is formed!

Team Building Tips

Tip #1: Give up "Only I can do it!"

None of us can exist - at least long term - as an island, and for good reason. We all have our special talents, and when we pool our strengths we emerge much stronger, and can accomplish much greater things, as a team than any one individual can accomplish by themselves. Remember: If you could get to where you are going by yourself, you would be there already!

Tip #2: Teach what you know.

When you teach what you know, your team learns and will become capable of taking more and more on in your behalf, which ultimately teaches your team not only how to think through processes on their own, but how to become powerful teachers and leaders too.

Meaning not only are you building your team by duplicating yourself in others, but you are growing leaders and teachers around you. Think of it as a way of exponentially increasing your own energy and effort, freeing you up to be the visionary you are meant to be and providing you with time to actually have the life you deserve!

Tip #3: Be open to learning what you don't know!

We have already established that we all bring to the table our own talents, experiences, and resources. Why not tap these resources? Give up the "my way or the highway" mindset. Instead, be open to learning and growing from those around you.

Tip #4: Be an energetic leader!

In order for energetic, committed, and happy people to want to be a part of your team, you have to be an energetic, committed, and happy leader. If you are a walking talking complaint, tired, and feeling sorry for yourself, who is going to want to follow you?

So, take care of yourself! Get to the gym, ask for help, set boundaries between the work you do and the life you live. You will find that you are more energized and passionate about the job you do and the direction you are headed and your team will be too!

Tip #5: Have a Written Plan!

Without a written plan you are basically assuming that your team can read your mind, and that simply is not possible! Therefore, it is imperative that you have a written plan that you share with your team; a plan that your team understands, that your team is willing to participate in, a plan that all participants are willing to be held accountable for and that is kept visible. You need a plan that you can teach from, a plan your team can learn from, and a plan from which all of you can grow!

Often times we are the greatest obstacle to our own success. The need to control, the feeling that we are the only ones who can get the job done right, and the fear of "What will they think of me?" if we ask for help, are the very things that will inhibit success. So give up "Only I can do it" and ask yourself:

* What team do I need to create so that I don't have to be here to answer all of the questions?
* What team do I need to have in order to have more time with my family and to have my business thrive despite any challenges?
* What team do I need in order to begin having fun again?

The only thing standing in your way of having an outrageous business and life is you. Get out of your own way! Learn-Grow-Teach every chance you get. Be the team builder and visionary you are paid to be and allow your team to manage the rest.

By : Clay_Nelson

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