Friday, March 19, 2010

The Networking Champion

The word "champion" signifies someone who is able to win first place, excel over others, is superior and has characteristics of a winner. There are champions in the world of sports, politics, business etc. Champions are relentless in their approach for victory and success.

They are extremely goal oriented and motivated through obstacles. Their successes are just as extraordinary as their gifts and talents. Believe it or not, Networkers can be that type of "champion" in their business or career. They have the ability to triumph over challenges and accomplish in their agendas.

Listed below are ways in which professionals, students and entrepreneurs can skillfully advance in the world of networking.

Talent vs. Skill

Whether you have a natural gift for networking or not, every person can find ways to improve on their networking methods. Networkers are encouraged to join professional groups, in order to feel comfortable in business environments.

This is a grand opportunity to learn the most common protocol and connect with your surroundings. Keep in mind, there is no winning athlete that does not practice for a game or play with other players. Prepare, sharpen your skills and focus for each event or opportunity.

Wishful Thinking

Champions of sports, politics and business know the importance of having a positive mindset. A positive attitude is just as valuable as talent or skill. It is a guiding light for success in the world of networking.

The way in which you think, shapes your character and relationships towards other individuals. It has been said time and time again, "You are what you think." Networkers should focus on their thoughts and make them parallel to their objectives and goals.

Risk Takers

In order to make a goal, score a point or win a game, risk is always involved. Networkers should be willing to take risks and be confident in themselves. Risk can measure your commitment and perseverance in your networking endeavors.

How much are you willing to risk? What steps are you willing to take to achieve your goals? How are you stepping out of the box? Are you willing to go out of the four walls? Remember, the bigger the risk, the bigger the win.

By : Chi_Chi_Okezie

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