Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Three Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Work Gloves

Hand protection is the savior to many a hand in the workplace as well as at home. Our hands are subject to all varieties of hazard, they are constantly in the line of fire when we are doing anything remotely hazardous.

It is no wonder that many companies in the industrial field dedicate large budgets toward hand safety campaigns for employees.

Whether you are on the slope and need a pair of thinsulate gloves or on the job and need a pair of elbow high welding gloves there is a choice for you.

The only problem is that many people use hand protection but then remove gloves to gain a better grip or let their hands dry out only to sustain an injury while the protection is off. So the question becomes how can you use gloves more effectively?

The first thing to consider is what the hand protection will be used for. If you simply need a pair of gardening mitts a pair of goretex waterproof gloves would probably be overkill. But if you are using a cutting torch a pair of cut resistant kevlar gloves would probably not be adequate.

Using hand protection that is overmatched for a job can be just as dangerous as using gloves that are under matched for a job and create a whole set of potential hazards.

Make sure the gloves fit. This does not seem like rocket science but many people use gloves that severely limit dexterity because the gloves are oversized and the protrude far beyond the end of the actual fingers. This too can lead to potential hazards.

Using a table saw with oversized gloves can lead to a very dangerous and deadly situation. Try gloves on for size, don't feel like less of a man if you need a size medium or small. Test the gloves by making a fist, this should be comfortable and not overly restrictive. Realize that gloves will stretch out some.

Keep your gloves available. Don't set them down somewhere and forget about them. If you take them off get in the habit of keeping them accessible.

Put them in a pocket or get a glove clip that attaches to your belt. Keeping them available will increase your chances of using them when you need them and not taking short cuts. Keep it simple.

By : Nathan_Bills

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