Friday, January 15, 2010

Online Training For Small Businesses

One of the most challenging jobs in the hospitality industry as an employer is retaining your employees, high staff retention rates mean not only can you provide a consistent and high standard of service but also has financial implications, continually recruiting new employees and the associated training costs can soon mount up.

How often has it happened that you have gone through the time, effort and expense of training a new employee only for them to leave within weeks leaving you to go through the recruitment process again. There are a number of different ways this can be reduced and this is the basis for online training.

How to source FREE online training for small businesses

The key difference about specific websites among the many others offering online training is that the best are free of charge, this has numerous benefits for your business, it reduces your expenditure in the initial stages of a persons employment while still investing in the development of your employees and it also lets you to allocate a larger part your training budget to members of your team who have been employed for longer periods of time and provide continual investment.

Some of the online training courses available are Food Safety, Health & Safety and Alcohol & the Law

Online training in itself also has benefits, rather than having to allow the larger part of your workforce to attend formal classroom based sessions you can rota employees on an individual basis to complete training over a period of time allowing the business needs to come first while investing into the development of your team.

By : Aidan_Gibson

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