Tuesday, January 12, 2010

8 Secrets to Black Business Networking and Membership Clubs

There are several secrets to networking in a particular field or industry. Networking is literally one of the main keys to spreading the word about your business.

article will focus on Black Business Owners due to black business owners are more likely to fail 5 times more than their counterparts.

In March 2008, a huge campaigned was launched by Lee Green to teach, train, empower and edify black business owners. Online entrepreneurship and marketing training for black business owners was developed through a membership site.

Although there is massive amounts of information within the membership club, this article will discuss 8 secrets to networking and being a member of the largest money attracting and marketing training organization focusing on Black business owners and those who desire to start their very own business.

The reason the below benefits are secrets is mainly because few business owners have the knowledge when it comes to networking online and marketing their business online.

1. Business Directory

Business directories are a great tool when you have a body of individuals whose sole purpose is to provide the best services to their customers and partners.

Members are given the opportunity to showcase their business, gifts, skills, talents and abilities in the form of a directory.

When a member is ready to buy or is in need of a particular service they will look within the membership first to purchase what they want, need and or desire.

2. Business Benefits

The business benefits within the Black Business Builders Club is enormous. A guide on how to make money online, internet marketing training videos, business ebooks and articles, and software programs are just a few of the benefits offered to members. The benefits can be utilized by the entire family and not just business owners.

3. Training

Internet Marketing Training is becoming more and more prevalent as people begin to come online to start a business of some sort. Its imperative that people are taught how to effectively market online, not be scammed and learn how not to spam. Training is offered via webinars, conference calls, video, audio, email, blogs and articles.

4. Discounts

Travel and shopping discounts are also offered to members. Members can be found receiving discounts from major retail stores, car gasoline discounts and travel discounts.

5. Video Communications

Video and audio being used on websites, within articles, on capture pages and on blogs is big business. Email marketing is pretty much the same. The Black Business Builders Club offers video/ audio postcards which have received rave reviews.

Can you imagine receiving an email that is in video form? The video postcards have been known to encourage people to become members because they are so impressed receiving a personalize video/audio postcard.

6. Networking

Networking provides an opportunity to build alliances. Networking and building relationships is completed online. Each member is a member of the National Black Business Trade Association (NBBTA.org). The mission of the NBBTA in short is to empower and uplift entrepreneurs.

Weekly trainings are offered where members learn from presenters which is an opportunity for relationships and stronger communication amongst members.

Messaging systems and club chats are available for members to contact each other and for members to get on a group call to discuss pertinent issues or to just strike up general conversations.

Interactive discussions stemmed from blogs and forums keeps the membership community interactive with several topics being discussed and learnd on a daily basis.

7. Earn Income

The key to having more household income coming in than going out is saving and for consumers to find opportunities to earn referral fees on products and services they are already using.

There are many telephone companies who will give their customers a referral fee for telling others about their service. This is the easiest way to keep more household income.

The Black Business Builders Membership Club gives members the opportunity to earn 74% referral fees when they inform other people.

In conclusion, having a business directory is basically free traffic for members and it gives members the opportunity to buy from one another which results in recycling dollars within the membership.

The business benefits are valuable for any business owner or for any person who is interested in building a solid prosperous business online.

Training, discounts and cutting edge technological tools and resources are beneficial for members who want to stay in the fore front of the ever evolving world of changes on the Internet.

8. Opportunity to Learn and Effectively Market Your Business Online

Lastly, the Black Business Builders Membership Club gives members the opportunity to learn while they earn an income. The sky is the limit as far as how much a person would like to earn by way of referral fees.

The idea is for business owners to effectively learn how to market their business online, realize the success they are achieving from learning how to effectively market online and earn referral fees while building and sustaining their business.

By : Rhonda_K_Hicks

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