Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10 Tips to Make Planning a Corporate Outing Easy

If you're planning a corporate outing to reward your staff, then perhaps you've got everything under control, and are just counting down the days, until your big day out. Alternatively, you might not have any idea as to what sort of event your staff and colleagues will enjoy, and what will be most appreciated and worthwhile.

Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your corporate outing.

1. You'll want to choose something that will appeal everyone, no matter what their interests. Just because you do or don't like a certain sport, or location, doesn't mean that the rest of your colleagues and staff won't appreciate it.

2. You'll need to decide what sort of event to choose, and then choose the time of year to hold your corporate outing. You might have chosen a specific sporting even, such as a cup final, or international cricket match, or tennis tournament, and so won't be flexible on dates. Or you might have chosen a date and want to find something to do on that date.

3. Plan in advance so that there is plenty of time to get everything organised, and that colleagues can prepare themselves. Work may schedules and meetings might need to be changed, and this shouldn't be done at the last minute.

4. Make sure that you send out proper invitations. Rather than word of mouth, or a vague email, wouldn't it be nicer to receive a proper invitation outlining the day's events to your colleagues?

5. Don't forget to mention the dress code and whether staff need to bring anything else. Perhaps you'll do something during the day, and then go for a meal afterwards. Will you expect people to wear the same clothes, or will they need to bring a change of clothes? Will you expect staff to dress casually or formally?

6. If you've planned your corporate outing for during work hours, then will it be compulsory to attend? It might be that you're event won't be in your town or city, and won't get back until late, which can be awkward for some staff and their families. Would it be easier to arrange something for a weekend instead?

7. You and your colleagues will want to see that the corporate day out is time and money well spent. You don't want staff to think that they could have been more productive cold calling, or it would have been more beneficial to ensure that the company accounts are up to date.

8. Value for money is important, but you shouldn't choose a location or an event on cost alone. You won't want staff to think that you're stingy, or moan that they had to pay for their meal, drinks or transport themselves. If you're serious about organising a corporate outing fro your staff, then do it properly.

9. You'll want to make sure that your staff have fun, and can relax during the day. Now isn't the time to talk shop, so concentrate on the event itself, and leave the office talk for the office.

10. The perfect corporate outing will leave your staff and colleagues feeling valued and willing to work harder. It should be seen as a reward, and something to look forward to. It shouldn't be seen as a chore, and something that will be boring and that people will try and avoid.

By : M_James

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