Saturday, January 9, 2010

In Business, You Have to Give to Receive

There are countless successful business styles; however, an infallible one is based on the principle of giving in order to receive. Connecting with others and giving from the heart most certainly will bring an abundance of business back to you.

Take Sally Jones, for example. Sally was born a giver. She is a jewelry designer and owned a small jewelry business.

Not very long ago, she moved from a small mid-west town to New York City, only carrying her work materials and equipment, and lots of dreams for her jewelry venture.

One year later, Sally's jewelry pieces were featured in some of the best fashion stores on New York's avenues and had a staff of ten people.

You may be wondering, how did a complete stranger, a shy and innocent girl from a small town made it so big so fast in a city like New York?

Well, as we said before, Sally is a natural giver, and as soon as she arrived to the big apple, she started being herself.

She went out of her way to help everyone however she could, from neighbors, to passersby on the street, to people in need.

On her limited means, she once fed a family of six for a whole month; she volunteered with local sheltering organizations, and every weekend she took a different group of orphans to the movies, the museum, or to the park. In her free time, she designed her jewelry.

Don't even go there... she didn't do all these things with the thought of acquiring business; honestly, would you be able to do just a fraction of all that with the only motive of getting more clients?

Bets are on! Sally didn't have the experience to think of that, she did all those things just because she felt inclined to do them, but believe it or not, her business started to bloom almost immediately.

Sally is a people person, and as such, as soon as she arrived to New York she started making lots of good friends, and these friends became clients who talked to other people, and soon, she had made her jewelry popular among a significant group of people, and as the caring person she is, she thanked them in many ways.

After trying it once with huge success, she made it a habit to invite groups of friends and clients to small gatherings at her jewelry studio.

She would show them how she worked and what her vision was, and would greet them with great food and a special gift.

This was perfect for her business and her style, because it blended the two things she loved the most, her art and pleasing people.

Successful people have a single personality no matter the occasion. Be it business or pleasure, Sally is always her old giving self.

But how exactly did Sally land the huge opportunity to feature her jewelry pieces all over New York City?

Well, one Sunday morning she was strolling along Central Park with a group of ten kids from an orphanage, when a woman who was walking her dog, fell down.

Even though Sally had her hands full with the kids, she ran to help her get up, helped her sit on a bench after making sure she was alright, and ran to call her driver who was waiting for her on the other side of the park.

The woman was already gone when Sally noticed she had lost a beautiful gold and blue gems bracelet when she fell. Sally ran to find her and was able to return the bracelet before the woman left the park.

When the woman offered a reward, Sally kindly rejected it saying that she just didn't want her to lose such a beautiful piece, and that's when the woman noticed the necklace Sally was wearing. It was a beautiful and delicate white gold and pink stone piece. The woman, whose name was Amanda, asked her about it and Sally told her she had designed it.

To make a long story short, it turns out Amanda was a famous fashion executive in charge of selecting the clothes and accessories for a major chain of fashion stores, and within two months of Sally helping her, she got her a really good place at the stores' jewelry section.

By : Jonathan_Boyd

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