Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Following Up on the Referrals You Give is Good Business

Following up on the referrals you give to others is essential in building your close contact network. This is so rarely done, and it is so vital to successful networking. Here are a few of the many reasons you must do this.

First, you are meeting new people every day. And as you meet new people and hear their needs, you'll begin to work on solutions to their problems.

Since you know a lot of people and since you know how to connect them to the benefit of all, you will be sharing many leads and referrals.

Following up with those you give leads and referrals to ensures that you keep in touch with the new people you meet. It gives you a logical reason to reconnect.

Reconnecting is rarely done in networking today. This is why so many people have a big stack of business cards from people they barely remember on their desk.

They intend to reconnect but rarely do. When you reconnect with others you will show them you are interested in them, their success, and in helping them solve their problems. Chances are they'll find interest in you since you've found interest in them.

Second, you need to know if the person to whom you are referring people is converting them because you may be sending the wrong kind of referral.

Most people cannot effectively communicate to others what a marginally good client looks like, much less an ideal client. We are exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day. It is highly likely that you won't be giving perfect referrals every time.

To truly understand the needs and business of someone else, you'll need to spend more time with him. If your networking partner can't convert the referrals you send him because they're the wrong kind, you're wasting time, your networking partner's time, and the time of the referred individual.

Third, if your networking partner is not following up, you need to find a new networking partner. Many times we begin to bring a new individual into our close contact network, only to discover that he doesn't follow through on the leads and referrals we give him. Do not invest your valuable time and reputation in someone who will not follow up.

Finally, following up shows your networking partner that you are worthy of referrals. While you can expect that others will refer you if you refer them, following up on the referrals you give provides evidence that you will follow up on the referrals you receive as well. This means more referrals for you.

By : Glen_Gould

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