Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Networking For Business Success

A mentor of mine once said: "Obstacles are merely disguised Opportunities." This did not at first make sense to me until I came across some of those dreaded obstacles myself.

In any new business there are the initial fears of:

1. Start-up (financial/emotional)
2. What others may think
3. Failure

Once you overcome these you may "feel" as if it will all be a smooth meandering road filled with sunshine and money trees. Well, think again. There will always be trials to overcome when doing business. That is the nature of things.

For me the big dilemma in start-up was.....What now? I had my business idea. I had created a platform and then I was stuck. I feel this is an issue with many business people and an especially obvious plague with network marketers; which is where I got my start.

I had the opportunity but did not know what to do with it. Sound Familiar? If the problem is not immediately addressed it will surly cause anyone to lose focus and quite possibly even the passion and drive that got you going.

When I came to this point my first reaction was panic and frustration. That was until I identified the reality that it was up to me to move forward and to find the solutions to these struggles.

Where did I find those answers? Well, at first I turned to my up-line but they did not really have the solutions or resources I needed.

I began to dig around a bit and stumbled across an amazing network of individuals who were working together to solve these types of issues and later share their knowledge with others.

What I found was a community. I began to work alongside these people and I was able to stop worrying and start working.

Through the help of others in situations similar to mine we were able to merge our resources and create a much more powerful unit.

We began to drive forward with ease and peace of mind. Then through our overcoming certain situations we began offering advise to others and ultimately coaching those on similar paths.

As I began coaching I found that I became more knowledgeable of what I was doing through helping others achieve the same and developed a keen insight via problem solving because I knew that first I would have to overcome the battle in order to be able to teach it. This method forever changed my business and eventually my success.

I would very much recommend that any person who has their sights set on becoming a successful business person find a way to plug in to a group of individuals who may have had similar struggles that they overcame in order to get to the success they have reached.

For me this group was Renegade University. They not only helped me through many struggles of my own but also offered a very organized solution to my number one issue: What now? Or What's next.?

Now, having defeated many of those terrifying obstacles, I am able to offer others advise and counsel through coaching. Thus overcoming the obstacle and finding new opportunity in coaching.

My advice would be to look any obstacle square on and work through it with the help of a community until you find the answers and opportunities hidden therein.

Trent Giesler is a business owner and network marketing coach. He consults with those who are looking to capitalize on current market trends.

The world of marketing is changing significantly due to the internet and its capability to reach globally. Let Trent show you how to Plug In to this phenomenon.

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