Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10 Reasons to Employ Team Building

Team building has been around for most of the 20th Century and so the processes and techniques used for it have developed a great deal.

Many businesses and organizations do see the advantages proved by this phenomenon, but some people fail to see the benefit.

In this article we'll look at the reasons that are commonly cited as being why team building is helpful to groups.

1. Team building arguably helps improve communication; this is done by putting people in challenging situations whereby the only way to solve their dilemma is by communicating. If nothing else it could improve the communication skills between specific individuals - if not improving the skills long term with people who are not in the given group.

2. These kind of team building exercises help in generating a more pleasant mood or atmosphere around the workplace - by taking them out of their comfort zone and challenging them to succeed.

3. Motivation is another very important aspect of team building - by bringing new challenges to people, you motivate them and make them understand that they can indeed achieve more than they currently do - important when people are trying to push boundaries and make lots of money.

4. It may seem obvious, but these exercises help to get people to get to know each other. Again, by placing people slightly outside their comfort zones, sometimes other aspects of a person's personality comes to light - one that helps them connect to people. The ordinary office environment can sometimes stifle new friendships.

5. It arguably helps get people 'on the same page' - so that over a team building exercise, certain company or organization goals can be set out for everyone.

6. Team building arguably helps the team develop self regulation strategies - by putting them in situations that demand it - in order that they achieve the goals as set out.

7. These exercises can help those participating to learn more about themselves - both strengths and weaknesses. It is only by bringing on new challenges and being outside their comfort zones that these things can be seen - sometimes.

8. This leads to being able to identify strengths of different team members and therefore deciding how best they can be used in order to maximize efficiency within an organization or company.

9. Ultimately, these team building exercises can help improve team productivity - an important consideration as western states are priced out of many industries by developing nations.

10. The whole idea of collaboration is enforced with these activities - making every team member - hopefully - work better together to produce better results.

By : Gino_Hitshopi

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