Friday, December 11, 2009

Characteristics of Team Members

Each team member of any team has individual strengths and weaknesses. As a team leader, you must learn to use your team's attributes to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

As a team leader you also have your personal characteristic that need to be considered. You can best motivate your member to perform when assignments match personalities. See below some characteristics of a team member.

The traditional team player

Prefers a secure situation
Is drawn to close relationships
Changes slowly
Is predictable
Is patient
Is possessive
Looks for loyalty
Likes an easygoing relaxed atmosphere
View the team a important

The analytical team player

Likes established operating procedures
Does like sudden change
I accurate at all costs
Has very high standard for self and others.
Is a slow decision maker
Tend to hold back opinions unless certain they are right

The dominating team player

Likes prestige and position
Likes direct answer from others
Is easily bored
Does not like to be controlled by others
Does like challenge and changes
Is very assertive and decisive
Is a good risk-taker
Play game to win

The charismatic team player

Likes freedom from detail and control
Likes intuition well
Is friendly
Uses verbal skills well
Is confident and comfortable with self-promotion
Is enthusiastic

With the list above you will be able to evaluate your all of your members and their individual style. How well is your team members performing?

Can you improve your team member performance by altering job duties? I do hope you've enjoyed this article and lean something from it. Wish you all the best and look out for some more valuable information.

By : Ana_Carter

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