Wednesday, December 2, 2009

5 Stumbling Blocks to Effective Team Leadership

Many things contribute to team success and some things get in the way. Team leadership is an important element in team success, so what are 5 common stumbling blocks when it comes to effective team leadership?

Stumbling block 1: The leader is closed minded

One of the great strengths of teams is their ability to generate a whole host of alternatives and ideas. Used effectively these can contribute to great results and even take team performance to a higher level. On the other hand if the team leader is closed minded and not open to new ideas then these ideas will never translate into results.

Stumbling block 2: Not using appropriate leadership style

Leadership styles can essentially be grouped into 5 main categories. Telling, telling and selling, consultation, participation and empowerment. The style that you adopt will depend on the situation, the expertise of those in the team and the context to name just a few. For example, in times of urgency you might need to go for a very directive, telling style. The key is to be able to adapt and use an appropriate leadership style when leading a team.

Stumbling block 3: Self interest before team results

Team members expect the team leader to be loyal to the team. If the leader becomes more interested in themselves, they start making choices from a self interest rather than a team results perspective.

Stumbling block 4: Lack of consistency

We have all probably worked for people who seem to lack any sort of consistency when it comes to dealing and interacting with others. For the team member this is a real challenge and can ultimately lead to disengagement. As the team leader try and aim to be as consistent as you possible.

Stumbling block 5: Having your favourites

Like anyone else you will have a better connection with some people in the team than others. At the same time you need to be alert to this connection leading to you having personal favourites which can alienate others. Be alert to the fact that you might be showing favouritism.

Bottom Line - Team leadership is a vital component in team success. So what stumbling blocks are getting in the way of your success as a team leader?

By : Duncan_Brodie

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