Friday, July 15, 2011

When Starting Your Own Business - Keep This Small, But Given Start-up Tip In Mind

There are many people who seek to start their own business because they see it as a way out of a job.

But yet, they don't factor in the uncertainty and the risk inherent to running their own business.

When starting your own business, you must factor in the uncertainties brought about by the following harsh realities:

1. Starting your own business is hard work.

2. Starting your own business is filled with lots of risk.

3. Starting your own business will challenge everything you thought you knew about yourself and your abilities.

Sometimes in the running of your business,you will find that you are met with challenge after challenge.

Get used to facing uncertainty - learn how to move your business forward despite risk and uncertainties.

There will be days when things just don't seem to be going your way.

There will be days when you thought you had it in the bag, only to find out that it all slipped through your fingers in just a moment.

There will even be days when you will encounter situations that you just don't quite know how to handle.

In fact, there will be days when you feel tired and unfocused and not quite sure how to proceed.

But don't let this stop you.

You MUST be willing to get up everyday with a determined stance to make your business work.

You must be able to Overcome The Start-up Blues by dealing with uncertainty head-on.

Uncertainty is a reality of any business - small or large.

There will be some days where you will have to move through your fears and hesitancies to keep your business moving.

Take this business given and small start tip to heart.

Uncertainty is a given.

Remembering this will help you to preserve your sanity during those moments when you feel paralyzed and overwhelmed.

Don't loose focus.

It's only those businesses that learn how to act in the face of uncertainty that will win in the end.

Thus, make it a habitual practice to view your business through a strategic lens.

Here's to your small business start-up success!

Latarsha Lytle, MBA is a motivational speaker and certified Career and Life Purpose Coach who holds (1) an MBA in Business Strategy and (2) a second Master's in Marketing with an emphasis in Branding and Positioning.

Her passion is helping those who are in unfulfilling careers to:

* First to identify their SweetSpot - THAT thing that they were made to do and to be,

* Then she works with them to position their SweetSpot into a signature career or business:

(a) that fits their passion, their life, AND pays them their worth...

(b) all while allowing them to leave their legacy and mark in the world.

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