Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How To Build A Business Web Site - Some Tips For The Best Software To Help

Owning your own business and being your own boss is the core concept of the American Dream and the Internet and World Wide Web revolution make this dream easier to grasp than ever for anyone with a computer and a willingness to set up and build a business web site.

Doing business on the web is all about conveying information about your products and services to potential buyers.

You need to make your web site attractive and it needs to stand out from the crowd in your product area. Remember, while you know how awesome your product is, the typical web surfer can only take you at your word – and your word will be judged by how your web site presents itself.

Does your web site have a “landing page” – the page where people will go to when brought to your site by Google or other search engines? This is where your customers make their first impression.

This page should be free of typos, it should present the most important information in the top few paragraphs and it should display your company’s logo and graphical elements promptly (small graphics file sizes) and prominently (upper part of the page.)

Getting good graphics for your landing page is tricky – you can either spend a lot of money on Photoshop and a lot of time learning it or you can use pre-packaged templates, which have a tendency to all look alike.

One alternative is hiring a graphic designer, but graphic designers are expensive and can flake out on you. If you have the patience to learn a graphics program, another alternative is to have someone teach you how to do a good graphic design for your business web site.

Fortunately, Design Dashboard does an excellent job in walking you through tutorials with a graphics program, highlighting the tips you need to make your business web site stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

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