Monday, July 11, 2011

The Perfect Example of a Restaurant Business Plan

The perfect example of a restaurant business plan does not exist for the simple reason that each plan is required to be different from the next since they all are written for different places. They all follow the same restaurant business plan outline but each one has different words and in many ways correctly is a unique reflection of the personality and spirit of the person who wrote it.

You do not want your plan to sound like a canned speech or a cut and paste job that is not really who you are because the investors or lenders will not be inspired by this at all.

You want them to know that you understand the business and the way you show that is by doing the research for the plan and gathering the information and writing it down in an organized way. Once you have done this yourself you will see there is no point in having the example since you are already done.

Restaurant business plan financials are the real key to getting any restaurant up and launched. You can have an amazing written business plan but without numbers to back up all the great sounding text you won't be able to convince anyone to lend you money or invest real capital into the plan.

The financials package consists of three different types of projections. The first is the balance sheet which shows the assets of the business such as cash, inventory and equipment and the liabilities including any debt and depreciation and amortization charges.

The second is the income statement, also called the profit and loss statement, which details the sales, expenses and any remaining balance which are the profits. The third statement is the cash flow which shows the actual movement of dollars into and out of the business.

These three, plus some supporting financials such as ratios and charts and graphs comprise the plan financials and are the most important part of the presentation of the business plan.

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