Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Men - Great Workout Without Weights For Fat Loss

Men these days are busier than ever. For example my father has his own business. He leaves the house at 9 in the morning, and comes up at 2 in the morning.

He gets around 5 hours of sleep and some chit chat time with the family. That's it. Now, there are many people on this planet living a very similar lifestyle. These are also the same people that are either overweight or obese.

Time is of crucial importance in today's time. Time is probably even more important than money (or, you know the saying, "Time is Money"). Either way, you have a lack of it, but still want to get into great shape, right?

Lets get back to my dad. For around two weeks, I trained him with weights and bodweight training. He lost 7 pounds. He could have lost a lot more weight if he trained with me for at least another two weeks.

Unfortunately, the guy he hired to manage his store didn't work out. It's tough to find honest people who are willing to work as hard as you are to make things happen.

I'm actually just like my dad. I need to do everything myself. And with his business, he needed to go back into it. I was worried about his health, so I decided to show him some very simple exercises he could do at the store by himself.

Bodyweight Training: Anywhere and Anytime!

Here are some of the exercises I showed him how to do:

Updog Snap

  • Start in a classic "Push up" position. Shoot for a straight line from head to heels. Stretch the spine long. Pull the shoulders down away from the ears.

  • Keeping the shoulders pulled down and back, and your arms locked straight, allow your hips to drop towards the ground. Squeeze the butt muscles slightly to protect the low back.

  • Forcefully snap the hips towards the sky in one powerful movement in order to bring the feet back in underneath you. Exhale on the powerful effort.

  • You should finish in a low Ball-of-Foot Squat, hands still in contact with the ground. Hop the feet back out to the original starting position.

Lower Body Russian Twist (knees bent)

  • Lie on your back with knees bent, and shins parallel to the floor. Arms are held out to the sides palms down, pressing into the floor for stability. Chin is tucked and crown raised to ensure good spinal alignment.

  • Moving to the right, rotate from the waist to bring the knees to the floor on your right side. The legs should remain in the same bent alignment throughout.

  • Both shoulder blades press into the floor to prevent compensating with the upper body. With a hard exhale, rotate from the waist to bring the legs all the way to the left side.

  • Again, the legs maintain their alignment, and shoulder blades are pressed int the floor to keep the back down. All movement is generated at the waist.

My dad usually just performs 10-12 repetitions of a bodyweight movement when he gets a chance. But it adds up because he does it multiple times a day. You don't need to a concentrated workout, once a day.

For extremely busy men, doing 1-2 exercises ever few hours may be a better option to get in and stay in shape.

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