Saturday, February 13, 2010

Everyone is an 'Out'

There are four types of people and we all fit into one of these categories. The types I'm talking about are "OUT" people. Where we are can be caused by various conditions and thankfully we aren't bound in that situation.

These four types are Cop Outs, Hold Outs, Drop Outs and All Outs. It is our choice to stay in our place or move to another yes, our choice.

Each of us has the traits of one of these types of "OUT' groups. Cop Outs are those people who have no goals and don't commit to any thing.

Their attitudes and actions reflect that of the employee with the just finish the job attitude. Their only drive is do enough to get by and don't want to be bothered with anything else. Their time is spent being entertained with thoughtless activity.

The Hold Outs are those who want change but are afraid if they try they will fail. They don't know if they can do it, if it is worth the cost and if they did, how would that mess up their lives.

The fear is so great it hinders them from even investigating the process and investments to accomplish it. They don't want to give up or risk what they have and in turn they remain where they are living with the misery.

Drop Outs take things a step further and begin the task of going toward their goal. They start the learning process and make the investment in themselves and their opportunity. They feel the challenges of accomplishment and try to work through them.

Soon they become overwhelmed and question if they should have attempted it. They finally convince themselves they can't complete it and that they should quit. That is when they drop out and accept defeat.

All Outs are the select group who set their goals, commit to them and follow through with the process to reach them. They know the tasks will not be easy and learning new skills will require time and effort, but they also know the reward will far outweigh the labor.

Their determination and drive is focused and unyielding, pointed toward the final victory. They celebrate every accomplishment along the way and constantly adjust their mindset and attitude to overcome the difficulties. With nowhere to stop or quit they can only continue the trek.

Since we understand the actions of each, the question now is, which "OUT" am I? What position do I hold in relationship to the "OUT" scenario? The next inquiry is, am I satisfied where I am and what should I do to accomplish a change?

We all know those who are ALL OUTS and that is who most of us want to be. We want to be successful and satisfied but how do I become one? Becoming dissatisfied with our present selves and not tolerable with us is usually the time for change.

We know something must be done no matter the cost or how uncomfortable it may be. This is when we begin to search for avenues of escape and we welcome any possibility. We consider everything and assess the best means to achieve that change.

Still the best opportunity isn't enough, it requires the determination and desire to attain the results. No product or venture will produce success on it's own, it must be implemented.

Recognize where you are and decide where you wish to be. Start toward your goal having the faith and knowledge you cannot be stopped if you apply yourself. You can receive the required results if you have the desire and determination to do so.

By : Duane_Hatfield

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