Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Motivational Speaker - Urban Myth Or Real Creature?

The cynics who flatly deny that motivational speakers offer anything of any value and who smirk and sneer at the suggestion that everyone should adopt a positive mental attitude and get on together nicely have been forced to eat their words because the motivational speaker market is big business.

Traditionalists might mock this American cultural import and decry it as useless, but it won't change the fact that people are really going in for it.

In the corporate world more than anywhere else, what was once the preserve of grand American conferences is becoming ordinary in Britain too.

Professionals, powers dressed to the nines nonchalantly name-drop the latest pseudo-celebrity to have given them a motivational talking to. But who, or indeed what is a motivational speaker?

As far as can be seen, the motivational speaker's natural habitat is any American corporate affair. They are men and women with proven success in their sector, industry or specialism.

Or they are sports stars with inspirational stories of success against the odds, through hard times or owing to exceptional teamwork.

Either way, they are respected and influential. Couple those key features with some high quality public speaking training and you've got a motivational speaker.

Their primary role, as the name rather implies, is to motivate. They are drafted in when sales figures or morale, or more probably both are low. They are brought in during company buy-outs to soften the buyees for the buyers.

They are called upon when businesses take a new direction or adopt a different strategy, to advocate whatever is new and influence people to embrace it. In short they can bend and flex themselves to motivate your crowd for whatever you need.

Whether you truly believe they work or not is almost irrelevant. Especially now that it is practically expected there'll be a motivational speaker present at your big corporate event.

You may think it's a stupid idea and perhaps you'd be right in believing that one speech can't really manipulate and motivate the audience that much.

But one thing's for sure: weeks and years after events, it's the speech not the food, decoration or location that people are still discussing.

By : Jessica_L_Moss

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