Saturday, February 6, 2010

Personal Trainers - How to Network With Other Businesses

Here you are, dreams of your own personal training business about to be made into reality. You have everything you need to succeed: a realistic set of goals, a solid business strategy, and a loyal client base.

Most people would think that you've done everything you can to ensure your success, but there's still one more thing to consider: using other businesses to help boost your client base.

Just as referrals from other clients generate more clients, networking with other businesses is a powerful technique you can use to get your name out there, with less work involved.

An alliance between businesses - that's the idea behind networking, and it's just as incredible as it sounds. Businesses in a network trade referrals between themselves, ensuring that the clients get what they need and the businesses get more business.

There might be a local nutrition center that you can recommend to your clients, for instance, and they in turn can recommend you as a fitness professional to their customers..

People won't trust recommendations from just anybody: they're far more likely to trust product or service recommendations that come from a trusted individual or establishment, such as a business they frequent.

By aligning yourself with other reputable businesses, their clients will quickly become your clients - and your income will easily double with almost no effort!

A local networking organization can help you get started: you can find an existing network to join, or you can look for other people who are interested in starting a network of their own.

You can find even more networking opportunities with other businesses through meetings and conferences held by such groups.

You can find out how to join a networking group through your local business bureau, or you can look for personal training forums online. Don't have a local chapter?

No problem! There's nothing stopping you from starting your own. It won't take long before you find other well-reputed businesses that will be eager to trade referrals with you.

Don't forget to join any national chapters as well; you can find some of the best fitness professionals in the business, and they can offer you advice on your own venture.

For personal trainers, some of the easiest networking opportunities can be found with makers of dietary supplements.

By : Casey_Kaldal

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