Saturday, December 4, 2010

Get More Sales Today!

Many otherwise good salespeople set themselves up for failure by expecting it before even picking up the phone. A winning attitude is essential to turn a telephone call into an in-person appointment. Failure is when excuses stall making prospect calls.

Remember that no call is bad and all results work to groom the salesperson. Attitude can override inexperience.

* Set aside a chunk of time for calls.
* Plan and prioritize a call list.
* Outline specific goals to meet.
* Know who you're talking to and why.

Apprehension is a salesperson's worst enemy, as most salespeople don't want to pick up the phone in order to do their job. To overcome nervousness, you must first admit the problem. Then analyze why you really don't want to make the calls. Fearing rejection is solved by gaining more experience.

It is not intrusive to call businesspeople, who expect interruptions during their day, so don't ever apologize for calling. Remember to simply sell the idea of making an appointment. To get an in-person appointment, be prepared and establish a relationship from "Hello."

* Be armed with background on your prospect and your goal.
* Clearly introduce yourself and your business.
* Know their needs and explain briefly how you can help them.
* Keep conversation geared toward simply making the appointment and directly ask for a
* meeting.
* Once set, thank them and reiterate details like your name and the time and date of the appointment.

It is important to distinguish between useful and time-wasting prospects. It is easy for a prospect to simply hang up on you. You must be quick but not act like a smooth telemarketer.

* Consider not setting an appointment if it's very far away or there's really not the money or need.
* Increase your chances of getting an appointment by setting and adhering to a 20 to 30 minute time limit.
* Use words like "understand."
* Accept a real "No" but consider trying later.

It is also essential to avoid critical mistakes when a prospect attempts to reject making an appointment. A salesperson should not simply accept a quick "No," but must be careful not to ignore or manipulate the client in the process.

Always figure out what they really need, but don't ever be self-serving when faced with an objection. Remember, don't give up on the first "No." For example, don't use words like "but" or "better." Finally, don't ignore the prospect and try to push other services or merchandise.

By : Stephanie_B_Mojica

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