Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are You in Or Out For Change? Building Team Spirit in a Nutshell

The inception of a team is as indispensable as creating a work of art. It needs careful planning and a lot of preparation.

Every team member will need to have the ability to flow with constant change in his or her work lifestyle.

Every day is a great day and a new opportunity to inject vitality into your team and organization and have it become a natural way of working.

The results of your efforts in building team spirit will not show in an instant. You need a persistent coordination with all members of the team so that all problems will be manageable and bearable for everyone.

So here are 5 fundamental ways to build team spirit.

1. Unlock your inborn creativity.
Learn how to solve any problem, overcome any obstacle, and achieve any goal at any given time. The use of imagination and resourcefulness is a must-have in any working experience. The drastic and dramatic changes we face these days always results in the kind of working life we lead.

2. Be prepared to climb from peak to peak.
As you achieve one success, immediately start working on your next new goal. In this way, you will be making a continuous effort to build up and strengthen your performance.

3. Get around the right people.
You become a part of what you are around so surround yourself with winners. If you are always dealing with the positive thinkers, you will have the tendency to become just like them. Remember, you are who you're friends are.

4. Be decisive and action oriented.
Successful people think things through, and then make a decision, and then act. Base your good decisions on knowledge, priorities and awareness of risks.

5. Most importantly, never allow failure to be an option.
Always believe and know that you can do it. A team member who has the right amount of confidence to battle every disaster that drags him down will be successful.

In any given situation, a team member who keeps the team spirit alive and does not take accomplishments and resources for granted will be highly productive.

These guaranteed team building techniques point toward success. They all require embracing change. Are you in or out for change?

By : Jo_Romano

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