Saturday, April 17, 2010

Successful Techniques For Team Maintenance

A team needs attention. That is exactly why there is investment from companies for leaders. A team cannot continue without a leader, coach, manager, or lead person. A team will begin to break down without a leader in a very short space of time.

One of the reasons is there has to be an outside look at what is going on. It's true that when humans are in a situation it is hardest to see what is occurring at first.

Also there has to be motivation that comes from learning and praise and though we can praise ourselves and each other in a team, the leaders praise is very important.

Some of the ways to get this done can be accomplished with little time spent. When was the last time you simply mentioned to an employee how great it is that they always report to work and are on time?

This is something that is often just assumed should happen but by noticing this employee is apt to keeping it going. During holidays is the office allowed to be decorated? Very uplifting and a little fun goes along way.

If there is a trainer for new employees, when was the last time you just took a look and told them what a great job they do? Even what might be considered little things along the way make a big impression. Are the desks neat and organized?

Let them know you noticed. Does someone always have a smile? Easy to work with? Helpful? The first to volunteer? Tell them you notice. Not just in a review but throughout the year. Not every day but now and then. Find the aspect of each team member that sticks out that is positive and let the person know.

Teams need the leadership and the noticing of the person in charge. They need to know that someone cares about what the team is doing.

By : Liz_Cosline

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