Friday, June 13, 2008

Start Your Own Online Business

Learn the process of starting an online business using an e-commerce website. It is as easy as steps one-two-three....

Have you heard about all the people making six figure incomes in a month? They are there and most of us wanted or want that as well. It was not so easy to accomplish if you have no experience with internet marketing, website and all the nuances of success in a new way! There are no “Get Rich Quick” deals out there. It takes time, effort, action and being a good student!

The people with the successes we hear about have gone through the research and learning curve to be able to launch very successful websites or website products that make money very quickly. If one can achieve it others can as well and just need to do the do diligence and pay attention to the teachings of those who are making the big dollars with their internet business. In other words, do what they do and get what they got!! I learned that the hard way!

Basic steps are listed here but there are more details within them that once learned will give you increased success.


Identify your area of expertise. Do you have any information that others will benefit from?

Write down some keywords that you will be using on your website and check out the demand for your keywords using the Overture tool of Yahoo.

Use to determine the Google supply(the number of websites that are built around those keywords) for your keywords

Determine profitability of your keywords using the formula 'Demand number/Supply number'.

Build a content website for your profitable keywords which overdelivers to the user that you are targeting. Remember an Internet user is looking for information and not sales talk. So use your content to show her your expertise in your area. Write your content in such a way that your user stays and browses through your site instead of hitting the 'back' button. Talk to your user through your content and pre-sell to them the product you want to sell - information/product/your offline business etc. Pre-selling using content builds confidence in your user.

Build traffic to your website using simple free-to-use tools.

Monetize your site. Use Google Adsense and/or Yahoo Publisher Network on your site to monetze. Follow some easy to follow tips given by google for posting adsense ads on your site, that will make you money.

Use other ways of monetizing as well if you are not an entrepreneur.Soon you will be running a profitable online business.Find a mentor, the person who has a good success system to follow!


jean said...

Thank you for your post.. I've learned a lot..

jean said...

Thank you for your post.. I've learned a lot..